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Transflux™ is the safest multiuse CT contrast delivery system for your patients

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Transflux™ is 100% safe, sustainable and economical system for you and your patients.

Why Transflux™?

  • Transflux™ has been independently proven 100% safe
  • Transflux™ eliminates the need to change syringes between patients
  • Clinical waste is reduced by 90% when using Transflux™
  • By choosing Transflux™, there is a considerable reduction in cost and time with no compromise to patient safety
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The Transflux™ System

Today the Transflux™ contrast delivery system, has become the standard in CT & MRI-contrast administration because of the zero contamination risk, the efficiency and safety. It is the simplest multiuse system to integrate plus the easiest for radiographers to use.


The Transflux™ patient line has been designed to create an absolute barrier between the patient IV and the multiuse portion of the system.
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Transset™ is the Transflux system’s filling and injecting set.
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What people think about Transflux™ System

Transflux™ has improved our CT operation by providing a system that allows us to easily tailor the intravenous contrast dose specific to your patient and examination. It gives us a clear indication if the patient line has been used and needs replacing. It also enables a ‘Saline flush for every patient, decreased artefacts, improvement in image quality and contrast dose efficiency’.

Geoffrey Dick

Deputy APD & CT Supervisor

Medical Imaging Angliss Hospital

In our department, we are using the Transflux™ for more than six years for all our CT & MR scans, without any complication or malfunctioning of the system whatsoever.

Prof. Dr. Y. Palmers

Head of Radiology Department

ZOL Genk

The Transflux™ system has saved us a lot of time, allowing us to scan more patients which reduces waiting times, benefiting our patients. Being such a busy public hospital department, the cost savings have also been significant.

Rachael Grey

Charge CT MRT

Middlemore Hospital

We have used the TransFlux system for the last 3 years, with significant savings in the following areas: Cost; due to be able to tailor the contrast dose to the patient and no wasted contrast. Waste; Only 2 syringes used per shift has reduced our clinical waste by over 80%. Efficiency; Changing only the patient line per use has allowed two extra patients per Cardiac CTA clinic. Having three one way valves, two visually bright clips and over a metre of length has satisfied the local Infection Control department for clinical use.

Australian client

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Transflux™ System is the safest single session multi-use device

Transflux is the only scientifically and independently proven 100% safe multi-use contrast delivery system.
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