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Why Transflux™

“This system allows safe multiple use of the automatic injector system for several patients without risk of contamination and extravasation but with improved clinical efficiency. In addition, it reduces unnecessary waste of contrast media with each patient procedure and of the costly automatic injector systems.”
- University of Leuven, Belgium.

Patient Care & Safety

The Transflux™ system incorporates two safety zones and two specially designed one-way valves separated by a fluid pressure interaction zone. This permits the vein to be flushed, the blood reflux to be controlled and the subsequent injection of contrast media to be performed.
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Transflux™ provides a benefit of considerable reduction in cost and time with no compromise to patient safety.

Waste Reduction & Sustainability

The purpose of the system is to avoid the need to change power syringes for each patient procedure by eliminating the risk of contamination of the syringes.

Reducing the ecological footprint

Reduction in
clinical waste
Reduction in
Contrast usage

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