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The Transflux™ System

Transflux™ is the only single session multi-use device available in Australasia that is supported by a completely independent published peer reviewed laboratory study demonstrating its safety.

The system delivers contrast media from a reservoir to the patient with the need to only change the tubing in closest proximity to the patient.

How the Transflux™ System works

The Transflux™ contrast delivery system has been developed for delivering contrast media from a reservoir to the patient and with the need to only change the tubing in closest proximity to the patient. i.e. the CT patient line.

The Transflux™ system incorporates two safety zones and two one-way valves separated by a fluid pressure interaction zone. This permits the vein to be flushed, the blood reflux to be controlled and the subsequent injection of contrast media to be performed.

The purpose of the system is to avoid the need to change power syringes for each patient procedure by eliminating the risk of contamination of the syringes.

The benefit is a considerable reduction in cost and time without the risk of cross-contamination and with the advantage of the management of blood reflux.

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Transflux™ system features

Safest method
of injection

This product eliminates the risk of cross contamination.

Easy to use

User-friendly for nurses and medical staff.

Save costs

Without changing the syringes on a “per-patient-basis” you save on medical costs.


The Transset™ is reusable for 12 hours.

Unique system

It protects the reusable filling set between patients, maintaining sterility.


Clear valves and connectors that don’t affect the reading of the RX-images.

Transflux™ System FAQs

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How does Transflux™ protect patients?
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