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Radiology DU Ltd was established in 2011 by Tim Sheehan and Cath Hormati after identifying an opportunity to introduce Australasia to a unique and innovative product. The product is the Transflux™ multiuse contrast delivery system and is the company’s main focus.

Transflux™ is leading a paradigm shift away from the environmentally unsustainable and uneconomical single use method of contrast delivery.
Tim brings over 20 years experience with power injection systems as a radiographer leading teams in CT, PET/CT and Angiography.

With more than 20 years experience as a nurse in all areas of radiology, Cath also brings considerable experience in the area of radiology procedures and devices.

The designers of Transflux™, P&R Medical, have worked with Europe’s leading University Hospital, Leuven (Belgium), to develop the only scientifically proven and 100% safe multiuse contrast system.

Jean-Pierre Peters, Founder and General Manager of P&R Medical, developed the ground-breaking contrast delivery system, Transflux™.

Mr. Peters used his knowledge of medical sterile products and business to develop the product, but an international publication concerning the safety of the device was the start of the breakthrough.

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What people think about Transflux™ System

Transflux™ has improved our CT operation by providing a system that allows us to easily tailor the intravenous contrast dose specific to your patient and examination. It gives us a clear indication if the patient line has been used and needs replacing. It also enables a ‘Saline flush for every patient, decreased artefacts, improvement in image quality and contrast dose efficiency’.

Geoffrey Dick

Deputy APD & CT Supervisor

Medical Imaging Angliss Hospital

In our department, we are using the Transflux™ for more than six years for all our CT & MR scans, without any complication or malfunctioning of the system whatsoever.

Prof. Dr. Y. Palmers

Head of Radiology Department

ZOL Genk

The Transflux™ system has saved us a lot of time, allowing us to scan more patients which reduces waiting times, benefiting our patients. Being such a busy public hospital department, the cost savings have also been significant.

Rachael Grey

Charge CT MRT

Middlemore Hospital

We have used the TransFlux system for the last 3 years, with significant savings in the following areas: Cost; due to be able to tailor the contrast dose to the patient and no wasted contrast. Waste; Only 2 syringes used per shift has reduced our clinical waste by over 80%. Efficiency; Changing only the patient line per use has allowed two extra patients per Cardiac CTA clinic. Having three one way valves, two visually bright clips and over a metre of length has satisfied the local Infection Control department for clinical use.

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